Around Caversham

September 2020 What’s On

What’s On ALTHOUGH the effects of the coronavirus are still with us, there are a number of events planned for September and October in which we can take part. Our on-line events diaries are updated […]

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Volunteer Editors

A question for you! Are you interested in gaining experience in working in the print media and the internet? Perhaps you have children interested in a career in the news media? Do you have skills […]

Talking Point

Monthly Talking Point – January 2020

This month’s edition is provided by Andy Storch Caversham Bridge provides a beautiful view, probably the best view of all the traffic jams in Reading. Let’s face it, we know that view because we are always […]

Talking Point

Monthly Talking Point – May 2019

This month the Reverend David Jenkins considers “Seeing with new eyes” I have sometimes been privileged to listen to people who have had a cataract operation and they will frequently tell me that they now […]

Talking Point

Monthly Talking Point – April 2019

This months edition is provided by Revd. Judith Ryder I offer here the message of a sermon I preached in February. Normally I concentrate on the gospel reading in my sermons, but that day, unusually, […]