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General Data Protection Regulation Policy

The original Data Protection Act came into force in 1984. It was intended to protect members of the public from exploitation by companies and organisations which held information about them on computers. A new 1998 Act, which came into force in March 2000, extended the protection to information which is held on paper as well as on computer. From 25th May 2018 the Data Protection Act 1998 was replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation 2018. The principal requirement is all individuals who give Personal data have the right to determine how it should be used.

Organisations collecting personal Data, for whatever reason must state the reason why it is being collected, and seek the individual’s permission to use it in those ways. The principles are set out below, and for each principle we have explained how the Caversham Christian News Ltd complies with the requirement.

1 Processed for limited purposes
Data is processed only for the purpose of running the Caversham Christian News Ltd T/A The Caversham Bridge in order to provide subscribers with regular issues of the Caversham Bridge, to allow us to send out subscription reminders and to provide Board members, including the Distribution Manager and the Advertising Manager with the addresses and (when provided).telephone numbers and e-mails addresses of subscribers in order to perform their duties. The Caversham Christian News Ltd will not provide or sell address lists to any organisation or individual outside of the Caversham Christian News Ltd.

2 Adequate, relevant and not excessive
We ask only for your name and address; you can give your telephone number or e-mail address if you choose. This can be helpful in the event of delivery problems.

3 Accurate information
You may at any time check that your address details are correct and let us know if not. We will use the annual renewal form as an opportunity to check that these details are correct. You have the right to ask for full details of the information which the Caversham Christian News Ltd holds on you. The Caversham Christian News Ltd will provide these electronically free of charge. Where electronic access is not possible, the Secretary will write to the person concerned.

4 Not kept longer than necessary
Once a subscriber notifies the Caversham Christian News Ltd that they no longer wish to receive the paper, the Caversham Christian News Ltd would normally keep the records for five years. When we are notified of a subscriber’s death, the Caversham Christian News Ltd would keep the records for five years. The Caversham Christian News Ltd needs this information to analyse statistics on subscriptions. The data that the Caversham Christian News Ltd holds on members will be subject to annual review at the time of subscription renewal.

5 Processed in accordance with your rights
Your rights include the enjoyment of privacy and the knowledge that the Caversham Christian News Ltd will not use the information for any purpose which you have not authorised. The Caversham Christian News Ltd needs your address for the reasons set out in section 1.

6 Secure
The membership list is held on a cloud based file store. This is accessed over the internet using password protection and suitable encryption to prevent data being stolen by a “hacker”. Back-up information is held by the Caversham Christian News Ltd secretary. Subscription details used will be retained for audit purposes for a period of up to and not exceeding 2 years (this also includes PayPal transactions).

7 Not transferred outside the EU
As explained under “secure”, the data is held on a Cloud based system which is located in the UK under UK regulations. The Caversham Christian News Ltd must ask all subscribers whether they object to their personal data being held.

Data Protection Officer
Caversham Christian News Ltd
Dated: 1st April 2020

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