Eco Tip – In the bag….

by Phil Chatfield

A REGULAR reader contacted the Council when she found she was running low on the green, biodegradable bags supplied for use with food waste caddies. The following is their reply, which is likely to be useful for many of us.
‘The liners delivered with your food waste caddy should last approximately six months. If you run out, you can collect them from a leisure centre or library. Please check our sport and leisure section for opening times ( Face masks must be worn when entering the buildings, and please ensure you use hand sanitisers. The liners will be in a box by the entrance to the sites. We ask that you take one roll per household.
You can also line your indoor food waste caddy with newspapers, biodegradable bags, or plastic bags such as bread bags. You can also use caddy or pedal bin liners purchased from shops and supermarkets. Please do not use black bin bags.’