Community Connections – Caroline Gratrix

CAROLINE GRATIX has been the writer of the Community Connections section since 2020. Her mother-in-law kept newspapers as she knew that Caroline really enjoyed things about the community and when Caroline went over to read them she noticed that the Caversham Bridge was looking for helpers so she just called and has been writing ever since.
Caroline has recently decided to step down and give the pleasure of writing these articles to someone new. She has really enjoyed writing the Community Connections because she has met some very interesting people that she would have never met otherwise. Another thing that Caroline has loved while interviewing people she knows is discovering interesting facts about them that she would have never known without asking them questions.
Caroline loves working in the community as she has done many things to help the local area such as working on the school’s PTA and has sometimes led coaching sessions for the local football team. She is also a co-founder of Walk Works with Liz Bradbury which is a business based in Caversham and organises walks in and around Reading. On top of all of these things she does for the community she also runs education programs for cybersecurity and also is an accomplished photographer who has recently done a photoshoot for Ethical Reading. She is an all-round incredible individual and everyone at Caversham Bridge thanks her for writing the Community Connections these last few years.
How long have you lived in RG4?
Most of my life! I was born in central Reading and we moved to Emmer Green when I was 14. After spells travelling and living in London I returned to the area in my late 20’s and have been here ever since.
Where are your favourite places to eat, drink and shop in Caversham?
There are so many good places to eat and drink in Caversham, my absolute favourites are The Collective for always good quality, innovative dishes, Clay’s Kitchen is Indian food on a whole different level, Vegivores when I want amazing vegetarian dishes, Alto Lounge for the best welcomes and buzzy but relaxed atmosphere, plus I love Thai Table and Lebanese Village. For drinks, The Last Crumb, The Fox and Hounds, The Griffin and The Angel Bar.
How do you think we can all be eco-friendlier in RG4?
Given that I run a walking business, Walk Works, it won’t surprise you that I think we should all walk more. It would be great to have a river taxi to take us to places like Sonning and Purley. We would all have to slow down a bit and we could leave our cars at home.
Being part of a community reaps a wealth of benefits, how would you strengthen our sense of community in Caversham?
More Caversham events that our community can get involved in, a Caversham 10k, a family walk, community sports in the parks, a community art project, a community choir/music event, history project…
If you could bring anything to Caversham, an event, an experience, a shop, what would it be?
I would love there to be a yearly Caversham Carnival. A big community event that brings the whole of RG4 and beyond together, celebrating all our cultural diversity, food, music, arts, local producers and makers.