Reading Hydro Mural Competition

We reported on progress with the scheme to install hydroelectric turbines at Caversham Weir in our November edition.

The Turbine House will adjacent to the footpath over Caversham weir (The Clappers). Walkers passing the project will see the twin turbines turning beyond the turbine house, which will hold all of the electro-mechanical equipment converting the energy of the water into renewable electricity. As a crucial part of the design, Reading Hydro want to make the turbine house a visually interesting focus of the project. There are three key features to the housing; the East Wall, which will have a data panel showing key information such as water flow and electricity generated; the North Wall that faces the river and runs right beside the footpath; and the West Wall, which faces the Weir and will be visible to people walking from Reading. Reading Hydro want to use these spaces to host a mural inspired by what the Society is all about: energy, water and community.

They are running a competition to select the design for the mural, as specified below.

The Space
The space to be filled covers two walls:
● The North Wall: 7.0m wide x 2.9m tall
● The West Wall: 5.0m wide x 2.9m tall

The North Wall, which faces the upstream river, and the West Wall are perpendicular to
each other so there is the option to have two separate but related murals, or one mural
that would wrap around the two walls.

Design Guidelines
The roof will be green and, for now assume that the space above the West Wall square is white.
The design needs to reflect the Reading community and incorporate the following elements:
● Visual reference to energy and water
● The design should be busy as large unfilled spaces are liable to attract graffiti
● The design must fill 2 walls, as shown; the top of the West Wall can be used
● The Reading Hydro logo must be included on each wall
● Feature natural colours that can be seen in the area (additional colours, such as those in the Reading Hydro logo, can be added for artistic interest)

The timetable for the competition
● Closing date for submissions: 31 December 2020
● Winner notified by: 31 January 2021
● Design applied during (approx.): March 2021

A cash prize of £500 is being offered to the winning entry

For more information see their Facebook page at: