Ecotip – Greening your Home this Autumn

With 40% of UK carbon dioxide emissions coming from household energy use, our homes have an important part to play in meeting our 2030 emissions reduction targets. As we move into winter and temperatures drop, you can help to tackle climate change and reduce your heating bill by testing how draughty or leaky your home is. Find the gaps that let the cold air in and warm air out (think keyholes, letterboxes, gaps around the edges or bottoms of windows and doors, loft hatches, floorboards etc.) and fix these gaps using the correct materials. For some helpful advice on what to do, see

Now is also a very good time to prepare for winter by sticking reflective foil or purpose made radiator panels between walls and radiators, as these will help reflect heat back into your room during the colder months.

Based on an article from the October A Rocha e-newsletter. For more on A Rocha, see their website