Ecotip – Reducing your carbon footprint – food

Reducing your carbon footprint – food

There is plenty of advice on reducing home energy use (and the resulting bills). One less obvious way of reducing our carbon footprint is to look carefully at the food we eat. Meat and dairy products use a lot of land and energy in their production. Reduce the amount of these in your diet and with the money you save buy local, better quality meat for special meals. It’s easy to find great recipes for alternative, plant based meals – for example see the BBC Good Food web site – .

Also avoid food that’s been flown in and seek out locally produced food. Plan ahead when shopping and don’t make a special journey just to buy a few items. If you have space, growing your own tomatoes and lettuce is easy to do (and nothing tastes like a freshly picked tomato!)

The True Food Co-operative in Emmer Green sells a wide range of organic food and makes a point of sourcing locally grown fruit and vegetables. Local suppliers include the Ways and Means Trust in Rotherfield Peppard and Tolhurst Organic near Whitchurch. For more information, see their web site at