Ecotip – Lighting


There has been a revolution in lighting in recent years. The familiar orange Sodium street lights have gone, replaced by smaller, more efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). We are increasingly using these in our homes and anywhere we need light. But they cost more than traditional bulbs, so should we use them?

According to a Which review, LEDs use 90% less energy than conventional light bulbs. This compares with the 60-80% savings from the use of compact fluorescent lamps. They concluded these bulbs are the most energy efficient type available, they are long lasting and are bright the instant you switch them on (unlike compact flourescent lamps). So while they are expensive to buy, their long life (claimed to be up to 25,000 hours) and reduced use of electricity will save you money. They will also reduce you carbon footprint and your contribution to climate change. So they are better for your pocket and better for the planet!

They are not all suitable for use with a dimmer switch, so do check this when buying.

These lights are readily available. Locally, the Homecrafts hardware store in Caversham holds a wide range and will provide advice on the suitability of LEDs for particular uses.

For more information, see the Which review,