Copies of the Caversham Bridge newspaper may normally be brought at any of the local Churches in Caversham. The current edition of the paper is available in Caversham from Caversham Homecrafts and in Emmer Green from the True Food Co-operative Store. For an annual subscription of £5 it will be delivered to your door by one of our volunteers.  Collection of the fee is organised by our circulation manager.

With the launch of our website, we had hoped to be able to allow you can renew or start a new subscription online, paying by Paypal or credit card. However, we have encountered difficulties with this and it is not available at the moment (Summer 2020). We are working to fix this. However, in response to the current situation, we have made the Caversham Bridge free to view for the April – June 2020 editions. To read the paper, click on the links shown as Read More on our Home page, or follow this link  –  Caversham Bridge on-line

In the meantime, to obtain your copy of the Caversham Bridge, report a delivery problem, or reschedule your delivery, please use the contact form below, or call our circulation manager directly.

If you are a local shop and would like to help distribute our newspaper in Caversham and Emmer Green, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Circulation Manager: Mrs Carol Moloney
Telephone: 0118 947 1370

Additional Contact – Postal Subscriptions
Caversham Bridge Subscriptions, Church House, 59 Church Street, Caversham, RG4 8AX (Contact me)
Telephone: 0118 947 3713