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Beanpole Day May 22

by Tricia Marcouse ECONET couldn’t hold its annual Beanpole Day in mid April as is custom due to you-know-what restrictions, but we’ll be at Caversham Court from 10:00-15:00 on Saturday 22 May with almost all the […]

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Ecotip – Eat Ethical Easter Eggs

Around 80 million Easter Eggs are sold each year in the UK. Most are packaged in cardboard or plastic, generating around 3,000 tonnes of packaging waste. Cardboard packaging is readily recycled, but much of the plastic is likely to be thrown away.
This Easter, when you choose Easter Eggs, try to think about the packaging. Look for those sold without plastic packing. Most of the major manufacturers are reducing their plastic use, so there are plenty of options. Some have even introduced ‘Plastic Free’ logos on their egg boxes. […]

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Ecotip – Act to cut medicine waste

Wasted or unused medicine is a serious and growing problem for both the NHS and the environment. And it is something you can help tackle. It is estimated that as much as £300 million is […]

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Reading Hydro Mural Competition

We reported on progress with the scheme to install hydroelectric turbines at Caversham Weir in our November edition. The Turbine House will adjacent to the footpath over Caversham weir (The Clappers). Walkers passing the project […]

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Ecotip – Greening your Home this Autumn

With 40% of UK carbon dioxide emissions coming from household energy use, our homes have an important part to play in meeting our 2030 emissions reduction targets. As we move into winter and temperatures drop, […]

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Ecotip – Choose song-bird safe olive oil

by Phil Chatfield Do you use olive oil for cooking and in salad dressings? If so, you may be shocked to know modern harvesting practices are killing migratory birds. Portugal’s Institute for Nature Conservation and […]