Beanpole Day May 22

by Tricia Marcouse

ECONET couldn’t hold its annual Beanpole Day in mid April as is custom due to you-know-what restrictions, but we’ll be at Caversham Court from 10:00-15:00 on Saturday 22 May with almost all the usual suspects to supply your gardening needs for this summer.

Where we may fail this year is with beanpoles! The restrictions on group working over the winter has meant that we couldn’t do our normal coppicing routines which generate the beanpoles and pea sticks. We usually finish this by mid-March at the latest to avoid disturbing nesting birds, so you can see that we’re unlikely to produce much during April when we were allowed out to play again. We’ll update this article on our beanpole supplies and other sellers at the beginning of May.

Otherwise, it is as usual: a wealth of locally grown vegetable plants, shrubs, flowers and wildflowers at extremely reasonable prices. Star attractions will be the enormous range of tomato plants allowing you to mix and match varieties from old favourites to the yellow, green and black ones seen on TV; big perennials to make a statement in the garden; everything you need to start a herb garden; and young trees to capture carbon.

Added to this come second-hand refurbished tools, gardening books, home made cakes and sweets, gardening advice, opportunities to build your own bird box, Fairtrade goods, and a wealth of information from local environmental charities.

What we don’t have is parking. If bringing a car, please park on local streets and walk in. there will be a crèche for anything you buy and then you can bring the car down to load quickly.

Join us for a good day out next to the Thames. The refreshment kiosk will be open or bring a picnic to have on the lawn, and PLEASE bring some cash. Not every charity has portable electronic payment systems.